Why Do Female Cats Spray – Resolved!

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Why Do Female Cats Spray

Do Female Cats Spray?

There are millions of cat lovers around the world, and most of them are aware of the fact that their little feline friend does spray. There has always been a debate concerning the boundary marking of unneutered male cats and how to stop that. But do you know? Your female cats also spray? Well if you don’t, no issue, let us update you with this rare piece of fact.

First of all, be aware of the fact that all cats do spray. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, neutered or unneutered, spayed and un-spayed. The reasons for each category of the feline group can be different. Male unneutered cats are supposed to be marking their territorial boundaries to let other intruders aware that this is a no-go area. So why do female cats spray? According to Dr. Cindi Cox a veterinarian at Angell Animal Medical Centre, Boston, cats don’t spray for dominance or to mark their jurisdiction, but there could be a lot of other reasons including underlying medical conditions, discomfort, anxiety, bad neighbors, litter box issue, etc.

Possible medical conditions include cystitis (the cat may be suffering from bladder inflammation as a result of urinary tract infection) bladder stones, crystals in urine, etc. Cats sometimes feel uncomfortable and resultantly may choose to eliminate outside the litter box. What best you can do to is to take your cat to a vet to find what exactly the reason of your cat urinating everywhere is?

Since we believe that you may have got an idea why do your female cats spray, let’s move ahead discussing different circumstances that makes your female cats spray and also finding the possible solutions.

Why Do Female Cats Spray – A Problem Or Habit?

Cats sometimes like to urinate everywhere except their litter boxes, this obnoxious behavior of cats may bother many cat parents. One reason is that, it is your cat’s habit, she can’t help herself not to do that. But you need to understand their issue by thinking about it from a cat’s perspective. Cats like to be in charge, they tend to be control oriented, says Dr. Lund.

The stress, as well as anxiety that makes the cat feel insecure, can be a cause for your cat to spray. The important thing that cat parents need to know is that cats are not aware of the fact that their urine smells disgusting.

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Different Reasons To Rule Out Why Do Female Cats Spray?

You need to figure out why your cat feels insecure or stressed. Is he or she is suffering from a medical condition, or he/she may have seen a dog around the house and got scared? An addition of another cat in your home can also make your cat feel intimidated. Once you have found the reason, you can then try to solve it. If this is due to the addition of another cat, try providing multiple sleeping and eating areas for each of your cats. Their Littre boxes should also be placed separately. Try introducing your new cat to your old fellow gradually. This will make both of your cats feel secure.

Why Do Female Cats Spray After Being Fixed?

Yes, this is because you may have delayed getting her fixed before she reached her puberty. She might have developed a habit of spraying by then. Now even after being fixed, she may continue to practice her habit of urinary marking. Other reasons we have already discussed that may cause your female cat to spray including stress, anxiety, and fear etc.


Why Do Female Cats Spray To Mark Their Territory With Urine?

This behavior is somewhat typical with unneutered male cats. Female cats are less likely to mark their territory, but an exception is there. A female cat may start spraying as soon as she starts feeling insecure. Let us mention here another reason why do female cats spray and that is to invite male cats, especially when she is in heat.

How To Stop Your Female Cat From Spraying?

If we have a look at statistics, we will realize that female cats are less likely to spray as compared to male cats. A Recent study has shown that only one (01) cat out twenty (20) fixed female cats use to spray marking which is not even a half in numbers of neutered cats. If you get your cat fixed by the age of 5-6 months old, this can help you deal with the unwanted situation. Because, once she has reached her puberty, it may become complicated for you to stop your cat from spraying. You can also clean up your cat urine marking as soon as she urinates, this will avoid your cat to make it her habit. It becomes even more important when you have more than one cat in your home. Because if one cat would spray, the other cat is more likely to spray in respond. Its natural, and you cannot blame your cat.

Orange peels are also considered as an effective tool to avoid your cat from peeing on a specific area. You can also try using cat repellent sprays containing citrus oil. The smell of the commercial repellent will be pleasant for you, but your cat won’t like that and therefore avoid going there.

Time To Teach Your Kitty A Lesson

As we have discussed earlier, fixing your female cat will be a great help to keep your cat from spraying. But what if your cat is still spraying even after being fixed? Well, it would become pretty apparent at least that she is no more inviting any male cat but is feeling stressed or insecure. You need to make sure that your cat has plenty of food available. She should have a bowl of clean water available by her side all the day. Make sure to clean her Littre box regularly, since cats don’t like dirty Littre boxes. She should have a scratch post and some toys to play.

If you observe that your cat is using a particular place of your home to urinate, then try moving your cat food to that area because cats don’t feel right to mark the place where they eat. You can also try placing cat repellants or aluminum foil over the places she often uses for spraying.

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