Top Reasons Why Cat is not Using the Litter Box

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Cats are recognized to be fastidious creatures which are more evident from their litter box habits. In case you notice that the cat is not using the litter box, it indicates that the animal has developed elimination issue. The reasons could be many. Prior to trying some of the strategies for getting her in the litter box back, it is essential to get it checked by a veterinarian for finding out the health issues. There are several reasons owing to which cats encounter these issues. Improper elimination and litter box avoidance contribute to being the most irritating and frequent disagreements people with kitties encounter.

Cats make use of elimination of urine which is for communication. It is a type of pee-mail which can be a sign of something wrong. In similar situations, the cat is not being spiteful. She is suffering from a serious issue and you need to figure it out.

Here are some reasons why cats won’t use the litter box:

The litter box is dirty

A common issue for avoiding litter box is the natural cleanliness of the cat. In case the box smells cat, it may not use it. The cat possesses almost 200 million odor-sensitive cells in the nose whereas, in normal human beings, it is just 5 million. Hence, if it is eliminating somewhere else, there are chances that it is not cleaned properly. Hence, it is recommended to clean the box often. Make sure not to use any harsh cleaners like bleaches for cleaning the box.

Change in litter

In case the alteration in little box behavior is found post to switching the brand or type of litter, you can go back to the previous one. There are chances that your pet does not like the new litter. What is appealing to one cat may not be appealing to the other. You can experiment with different types for seeing what he likes most. f you are bringing an outdoor cat inside the home and now he has stopped using the litter box, there are chances that this is not the same litter he is used to.



Believe it or not, but location plays a vital role in this aspect. In case the cat does not like the location of the litter box, she will not use it. For instance, in case the little box and food are placed together, she will say no to the box as these creatures do not eat and eliminate in the same place. At times, cats may encounter difficulty in accessing the body. She may find it tough to reach them in time. If you find that location is an issue, you can choose an area which enables privacy of cat but is convenient and accessible for cleaning.

Issues with the litter box

Improper depth, shape, and size of the litter box can also have an effect on the behavior of the cat. Hooded little boxes have gained high popularity with the cats. Though hooded litter boxes have gained high prominence among some cats, others do not like the confining nature. For overweight or large cats, the openings of the covered box seem to be too small. There may not be prerequisite room for maneuvering within the box.

Territorial issues

If there is more than one cat in your home, there are chances of a rise of disputes over the use of litter box. Cats are of territorial nature. The societies are structured at times in a hierarchical manner. Cats do not prefer sharing the litter box with others. Hence, it is recommended to offer a private location along with a litter box to each and every cat.

Changes in environment

Cats are recognized to be creatures of habit. They dislike alterations in the environment. In case the cat has stopped the use of litter box post to a specific change in the house, chances are that the change has made her anxious. Anxiety happens to be one of the most common emotional issues which may lead to several issues.

Hence, during changes in the house, you should make sure to reassure the kitty and provide additional attention to her. Make sure to keep the box squeaky clean at the time. This will assist in conferring a feeling of routine and safety during the time. This helps the cat in adjusting in no time.


This is a marking behavior and is not connected to any other litter box issue as the reason for the behavior is totally different. Unaltered female and male cats spray their uring in the box for marking their territory. It is, however, more common in males. Spraying comprises of connotations of dominance and sexual time. The behavior is however prevalent in the intact cats along with a total complement of the sex hormones.



It is a great way to keep a companion for your cats so that he does not feel lonely. However, if you have too many cats, it becomes overcrowded leading to considerable stress. Numerous behavioral issues of territorial type arise owing to overcrowding which is inclusive of house soiling. In order to make sure that the cats are feeling secure, you should confer them an area of their own where they can retreat if they feel threatened. This is true, especially for multi-cat households. You should ensure to offer facilities to each and every cat. You should also be expanding the territorial range by the addition of cat trees. You should also make sure to shower enough love and attention to each cat.

Medical conditions

There are chances that the cat is suffering from medical issues owing to which urination becomes really painful for them.

There are easy strategies which you can opt for in order to resolve the issue. However, you should make sure at the beginning that the kitten is not suffering from any medical condition. Hence, if you notice that the cat does not sing the litter box, it is a must to pay a visit to the veterinarian on a priority basis. Once you find that your cat is perfectly healthy, opt for these easy ways to render solution to the issue.

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