Top 11 Cat Breeds That Like Water

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cat breeds that like water


Not all cats are fond of water and bathing. If you have ever tried to bath your kitten or cat, then you will probably know that. While majority of the cat breeds don’t like water at all, there are some breeds that actually like water. They enjoy themselves in water and splash around in the water when you try to bath them. Here is the list of those interesting cat breeds that like water:

#1: Bengal Cats

The Bengal Cats are quite popular for their exotic colors and markings on their body. Even their unique vocal talent is a popular trait of this breed. They are known for loving water and if you happen to keep the door of your bathroom open, they will have a great time soaking in some water.

#2: Maine Coon

The next breed that absolutely love water is Maine Coon. It is a gentle giant breed of domestic cat. They are excellent climber in nature and is also fascinated with water. Even they are quite popular for their ability of scooping some water with the help of their paws. They are often seen to play with water in bathrooms. So, it is better to keep your bathroom door tightly shut if you have this breed at home.


#3: Turkish Van

This is one of the cat breeds that like water. They are an excellent swimmer and are also popularly called as swimming cat’ as they love to play and swim in water. So, the shape and size of the water doesn’t matter to them unless and until they can play in water. In fact, the interesting thing is that their small and rounded paws along with long bodies give them a perfect shape to become excellent swimmer. They are also covered with soft coat which is completely water resistant in nature.

#4: Savannah

The Savannah breed is almost like that of the Bengal cats and both are quite closely related to the wild cats. So, the unique facial features and striking patterns on coats are some of the main characteristics of this Savannah cat. You can find that the cats are often playing with water and also enjoy being in water or take bath.

#5: Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cats are very playful just like their cousins i.e. Turkish Vans. They are also the real water babies and love to play with water anywhere. The most interesting thing about this breed is that they run towards the sound of water flowing from tap. So, when you open the tap water, you will be surprised to see how they run hearing that sound. Even, they love taking bath in water and loves to join for shower.


#6: Manx

The Manx cats are quite famous for being tailless. They are mainly originated from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom or UK. They have a different hopping walk characteristic which is pretty unique. This happens because the back legs of this breed are longer than that of their front legs. And another most interesting thing about these cats is that they love and enjoy in water. They not only love swimming in water but also splash them.

#7: Abyssinian

The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the cat breeds that like water. It is also one of the oldest breeds of cat in the world. They originate from Ethiopia and are characterized by their daring, bold and boisterous nature. The distinctive feature of this cat breed is the tick patterns on their fur coat. They absolutely love water and nothing can stop them from enjoying playing with water. They are very smart to turn on the tap themselves in order to quench their thirst. Also, they extremely love to play with the running water.

#8: Snowshoe

The next cat breed that loves to play in water is Snowshoe. They are referred with this name as they have a beautiful white boot pattern on their feet which look very adorable and cute. They are very attractive in nature and highly energetic. They are surprisingly enthusiastic when it comes to bathing or swimming in water. They love to splash the water here and there. Also, they love to soak themselves in water wherever they can find it. So, it is always advisable to keep your kitchen and bathroom door shut tight to avoid any kind of puddles on the floor.


#9: Norwegian Forest Cat

They are cousin to the Maine Coon cat breed. They have a very thick coat that can easily repel water. These cats love to play with water and are also famous as good fisher. They can easily snag fish from the streams and lakes while swimming. So, if you have an aquarium at your home, be quite careful about it. This cat breed even loves to bath in water but their thick coat are water resistant in nature.

#10: Japanese Bobtail

This is another island-born cat breed who is fond of playing and splashing water. So, make sure to keep an eye on this cat if you have one at your home. They especially love the water of aquarium, ponds and lakes. They can also turn on the tap to play or take a bath in the running water. So, you need to check the taps often to make sure they are turned off. This breed is characterized with tricolor coat with red and black spots on white. Even, their coats are water resistant in nature.

#11: American Bobtail

Another cat breed that love playing with water is the American Bobtail which has a short tail. Their love for water is somewhat similar to that of Japanese Bobtail. You can find this cat playing with its toys in water. It has a very shaggy coat that comes with different colors and patterns.

So, these are the cat breeds that like water, unlike majority of the cat breeds. If you have any of these cat breeds at your home then you have to keep an eye on them always. These cats always look for an opportunity where they can sneak into the bathroom or kitchen and turn on the tap water. This gives them immense happiness as they love playing with water. But that can result into puddles all over your bathroom floor.

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