How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell

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Cats occasionally take to urinate outside of their litter box.this occurs when the cats want to mark their territories either in the hidden corners of the house, on furniture, clothes or the carpet.

Most often than not the urine is left unnoticed which with time becomes very hard to get rid of or mask. Cats urine unlike most of other animals urine tends to get strong over time because it decomposes to give an ammonia-like smell in the first stage of decomposition while in the second phase of decay it emits compounds called mercaptans that provide the characteristic bad odor.


Similarly, older animals have their kidneys being inefficient and can have the worst smelling urine.In addition to the lousy stench is the powerful hormones the cats eliminate when they urinate. Male cats have their urine spiked with testosterone that helps keep their male counterparts away and also signal the females of their presence.

It is crucial therefore to eliminate the urine either to avoid embarrassment and also prevent the pet from becoming a habitual offender because in most cases the cat would return to pee to the area that it last did the action.

It is also essential to obtain the causes of the cat’s urination outside the litter box so that in future you can deter your cat from staining your carpets. Most of these reasons are behavioral while in some cases it can be because of an illness.

Products to clean cat urine

Cats urine smells after the cat has urinated and the stench gets worse over time. The most mistake made by cat owners is not to clean the cat mess soon enough. The delay makes the odor more smelly, and this might prompt the cat to come and repeat to pee in that place which further concentrates the stench of the urine

Several ways, fortunately, have been discovered and put in place to kill the cat urine stench permanently. The most potent weapon mostly regarded by many is the use of enzymatic cleaners. Cats urine is acidic and with the help of the enzymes found in this filter breaks down the acid, and this is helpful in getting rid of the bad smell.

Similarly, this cleaner contains yeasts and useful bacteria that help to break down the unfriendly bacteria that causes the bad smell, and this helps to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

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Vinegar is also another component that is useful in cleaning and getting rid of the cat smell. Although vinegar is considered smelly by itself, it works through breaking down the alkaline salts found in dried urine. Vinegar has acidic components that help it function at its best.this is especially vital in cleaning walls and floors and not fabrics. It is effective by using one part water and the other vinegar. The smell of vinegar disappears with time, and it thus takes with it the rancid smell of cat urine.

Most importantly when doing the cleaning, it is advisable to clean to the extent that neither you nor the cat can smell the urine because the cat will get back to a place where it will inhale a stench of urine. It is also advisable not to use products made of ammonia because similarly ammonia is a component of cat urine and will most definitely revisit the area for its pee.

How to eliminate cat urine smell out of carpet
On a fresh stain, you use a clean cloth to blot up as much urine as you can. Then wash the area thoroughly with clean water and then use a dry vacuum to remove the liquid.steam-cleaners are nor advised as they can set up the stain.

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Enzyme cleaners are in most cases bottled, and their bottles have sprayers. Spraying alone is not enough and therefore requires one to open up the bottle and pour some generous amounts of the liquid into the affected area and let the cleaner rest for a time not less than 15 minutes and then blot it up with a decent cloth as much as one can.
For older or notorious stains its is advisable to reapply the cleaner and let it dry again for some minutes to achieve best results.

It is possible to prevent a recurrence by changing the sign of the affected areas since the cats are known to eliminate in separate regions possible by either placing toys in those regions or engaging the cats in plays in those areas.

How to eliminate cat urine smell out of cushions and mattresses.
In cushions, first is to soak the affected area with water and then bloat as much cat urine as you can with a clean towel or cloth, then soak the cushion with the enzymatic cleaner slowly to the affected area and let it sit for 15 minutes. Blot the excess enzyme cleaner using a clean cloth and leave it outside to dry. It is advisable to place aluminum foil before putting the cushion back since they take longer to dry.

The mattress can clean in a fashion way similar to the cushions .After applying enzymatic cleaner and blotting it up, place several towels in a layer before you make your bed then swap the sheets every day until the mattress completely dries. It is advisable that once the bedding dries that you place a plastic covering over the mattress if your cat has a habit of peeing outside the litter box.

How to eliminate cat urine smell out of linens and clothing.

In cases where bed linens and clothing are machine washable.It is advisable to rinse the spot first with water then add them to the washing machine and add baking soda and detergent and add a cup of cedar vinegar.
If the smell is adamant after the cycle, consider a repeat of the process and also put enzyme cleaner to the load and re-run the process. Do not use bleaching agent because when added to the ammonia it can emit harmful gases.

Consider air drying the linens rather than using the dryer as it may prevent the smell from going completely. Rewashing is needed for the stench to go off completely.

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