How to deal with a cat – (for non-cat people)

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how to deal with a cat

Fully body pets can give pets the no feeling. If you go over to your friend’s house and you see a cat, stop and think before you a pet. A cat is not a dog, they are totally different – Wagging tails isn’t a good thing.

A Cat Isn’t a Dog

There are differences that dog people don’t understand with cat people and we are here to set the record straight. If you are petting a cat and its tail starts flapping around or wagging this means the cat is getting upset or annoyed. Stop doing what you’re doing and let the cat calm down.

Give the cat your smell

Most people will know this from dogs. Give the cat something of yours that has your smell on it. Your glasses, lighter, keys or anything else that you have on you that they can relate that smell to you. This is like a trying a romance a random woman on the street. This will usually piss her off and she will be out of there in seconds.


You want to give the cat something, then give her your hand or finger for them to get used to you. Let them check you out and give you the once over. Let the cat climb on you, let it sniff your face. You have to make the new cat make the first move.

Don’t pet the cat like a dog

Again, it’s not a dog. Cats are a lot subtler then dogs. You can just head pet then full body pet a cat. That will give you a strange reaction or the cat will just leave without ever looking at you. Think about it, if you were very friendly with cat it is probably because you actually were around the cat for a while, gave it some space and it came to you.

Think about it like if you are house sitting for someone who has a cat. The cat will ignore you until later when you are not paying attention to it and it will come to you. If you are new you are not associated with part of the clowder (a group of cats is called a clowder not a pack). So they will not react quickly – mine usually do because they know when I get home from work I usually feed them. If you are new to a cat there is no history and or process of repetition.

How to pet a new cat

Start small! You want to make friends with one of the most fickle pets you can get (ok I’ve never had birds, spiders or anything else) – but a cat will make you work for its friendship. As I said before you have to start by offering a finger, put it in front of the cats face and hopefully it will bump your finger with its nose. Hopefully it will rub its mouth on your finger letting you know it’s friendly.  This is a very good start.

Pet the cat slowly and only pet the top of its head. Pet its neck with one finger. Let the cat tell you what it wants. The ears, the face, between the eyes, the chin. Your furry friend will have no problems telling you how to do it.

Cats are easy

Cats are very easy to understand. You just have to stop, slow down and understand that they very subtle in how they do things. If you start slow and let the cat lead, you should be fine.

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