Cat Subreddits

We are a bunch of cat nerds. I think you might have guessed that already. We also love Reddit (of course we do – the internet loves cats and of course Reddit loves cats). We are going to be maintaining the biggest and best lists of subreddits. This list will be updated as we find more to check back!


Yep, this is one of the biggest ones. We love it and visit it often.


Cat pictures? This is a good source.

/r/kittens and /r/kitten



Kitten gifs are amazing.


An awesome place to show of your floof.


Do you love fluffy cat bellies? Do you freak out a little every time you see them? then this is the subreddit for you my friend!


When I first started lurking Reddit for kitties, we didn’t even know Jelly Bean Toes were a thing! This subreddit will change your life forever.


Another awesome cat subreddit that is massive. If you are looking for other cat nerds this is a good one also.


Who doesn’t love chunky little cat legs and fluffy kitty feet? We sure do. This subreddit is A-MAZING.


Because cat gifs are better then cat pictures.



I usually call my cat a chicken when it’s in loaf form. (I know chicken has nothing to do with it BUT THAT’S WHAT I CALL IT!!). Cat loaf is for cats sitting in loaf form.


Cats on glass is kind of strange. The pictures here make it look like the cats are almost spaceships. Still, it’s pretty fun.


Floof is another term for cat. Fluffy cat pictures if you will. This subreddit is pretty good.


All the fun of reaction gifs, but cat themed. enough said.


The chubby ones are the best ones!!


Oooh baby. Gotta love the seductive cats.


You got to watch cats. They are plotting against us.


Reactions, pictures and cat logic – It’s different from human logic.


Only happy cat pics! No grumpy cat.


Lots of grumpy cats. “Grumpy cat” is the background of this sub. So awesome.


Cats giving high fives. This is awesome. No explanation needed.



Cats are cute and funny when they are scared.


Cat Selfies! They are like people!


So fierce! Woah.


Fail Cats – because cats fail too!


Sneezing + cats = lots of teeth! This subreddit could go perfectly with /r/FierceCats!


You would think this is a boring subreddit, but it’s not. Some of these posts are hilarious. Some even remind me of Buda.


Do you link to hold hands with your cat? (when they let you of course). I know I do – this subreddit is for us.